The ‘Don’ts’ of Digital Copywriting

The ‘Don’ts’ of Digital Copywriting

An opinion piece from Belinda on “The Don’ts of Digital Copywriting”, written for Media Update.

The rising popularity of digital marketing means that brands now have so many ways to reach their customers. With these opportunities, comes the potential to make a truck load of mistakes. So says Belinda Mountain, co-founder of Black Mountain.

Getting a firm grasp on the digital tools at your disposal is vital, as is the effective use of copywriting for digital mediums.

I come from a book publishing background. I spent years working with novels and stories, so I was expecting a huge shift when I moved into writing for the digital world and was surprised when I got the hang of it quite quickly. Why was it easier than I expected? Because the principles of good writing remain the same no matter the medium. There are however, a few key differences, and it’s essential to bear these in mind when it comes to digital copywriting…

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