New Photos by Robyn Rose Photography

New Photos by Robyn Rose Photography

By Belinda

We recently had to submit some professional images of us and we realised that we last had photos taken around five years ago! Lots has changed since then. One of us has started running Ultra marathons (not me). The other one has changed her hair colour (me). We’ve gained new clients, learned some lessons and grown both as a business and as people. So we wanted some new photos to reflect the new us.

Robyn Rose is a mutual friend of ours and also a fabulous lifestyle photographer, so we knew she was the lady for the job. And what fun we had taking them! Robs makes you feel instantly relaxed and is very efficient (so there’s no time wasting), but the process is enjoyable too, as you sip on a mug of tea, laugh together and follow her direction.

And the pics themselves speak volumes! She perfectly captured our working relationship and attitude towards what we do, and we’re already using the images professionally – and have received so many wonderful compliments.

Below are just a few from Robyn Rose Photography:

Doing something important

Working hard

I love my diary

She said something really funny

Plotting how to take over the world

Black Mountain
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