Digital Transformation for Executives: Our New Course in 2020

Digital Transformation for Executives: Our New Course in 2020

By Belinda

2020. Sounds extremely futuristic – doesn’t it? Think flying cars and robot chauffeurs in every home. But instead of those, we’ve seen other gigantic leaps and bounds. These days Google receives around 63 000 searches per second. 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. The average American adult spends 3 and a half hours a day on their phone. This is change we could never have predicted a few decades ago, and yet here we are.

This inability to predict disruption, and then harness the power of these new technologies, will significantly impact any business you’re running or leading. With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Mike Stopforth from Beyond Binary (and Cerebra founder) to launch a course that explores all these dilemmas (and opportunities) from a corporate executive’s perspective.

'At least 40% of businesses will die in the next ten years, if they don't figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.' - John Chambers, Former Executive Chairman and CEO of Cisco

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Firstly, what is digital transformation?

Well that’s the thing – there are so many definitions for it. Nobody could give us a straight answer. But when we spoke to Mike Stopforth recently, who’s done extensive work in this space, we think he’s cracked it. Our course will reveal what he thinks digital transformation is, gleaned from hours of research and his experience consulting with some of South Africa’s biggest brands.

Who is Mike though?

An entrepreneur & speaker, Mike founded social media company Cerebra, which grew to become Africa’s leading social media agency. He worked with Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Vodafone, Google, Ford, Barclays, and many other remarkable brands before Cerebra was acquired by global advertising giant WPP in 2013. As the director of Beyond Binary, he’s spoken at over 300 corporate functions and industry events both locally and abroad, and has facilitated workshops for over 40 major brands. 

Who are these digital transformation courses for?

There are loads of courses out there with the word “digital” in the name. What differentiates ours is that it’s specifically centred on digital transformation, and aimed at those in executive positions who need to be making decisions on digital matters, but aren’t necessarily in tech roles. Think of it as a “Finance for Nonfinancial Managers” type programme, but for technology.

When & where are they?

The courses kick off in March 2020, and we’ll be holding them in both Cape Town and Joburg:

CAPE TOWN Workshop:

5th and 6th March 2020 (9am-4pm)

JOBURG Workshop:

23rd and 24th March 2020 (9am-4pm)

How much does it cost?

It costs R16 990 p.p, with group discounts available.

What will I learn?

Get some context for digital transformation, discover what it really means to be a digital business and then discuss how digital innovation happens in the form of digitisation, transformation, exploration and disruption. Demystify the forces driving digital disruption in business, politics and society by learning all about data, automation and AI, machine learning and deep learning. Next, expand your understanding by exploring the power of a decentralised internet, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and smart contract. Bring it all together with a deep dive into IoT and top it all off with a conversation about nanotechnology and our quantum futures.

How will I learn?

This is not about long lectures where you glaze over and can’t recall a thing afterwards. Using case studies and examples including LEGO, Costco, ShowMax, Dell & Fujifilm, it’s designed to be informative, enlightening and engaging, with a distinct focus on practical examples, debates, group work and collaboration. You’ll walk away with a new way of thinking strategically about the DNA of your organisation and how to incorporate digital trends into it, so that your company gains a competitive advantage and remains relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Contact [email protected] to find out more. Or, download the brochure.

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