Blog / 21.09.2018

By CatherineWe were recently involved in a PR campaign for a client where we had to help produce a series of short videos to promote one of their sponsorship events. It got me thinking: is content creation limited to just the written word? Obviously not. After all, content in a business context is information that your customer consumes - but the medium may vary.
Blog / 24.08.2018

by BelindaI RSVPed to this event on a whim when a friend sent me the invitation - and I'm so glad I did. Being a business owner in Cape Town, when most of our clients are in Joburg, means that you can feel quite isolated. I'm not part of a big agency. I'm not working late at night surrounded by a team of other people. And while there are many upsides to this, it was wonderful last night to be surrounded by like-minded women working in creative industries, and feed off the energy and enthusiasm in the room.
Blog / 17.05.2018

By Catherine

These days, outsourcing your copywriting function or content creation to an external resource is becoming increasingly common. After all, it makes sense to hand over this job to a specialist: it saves you time, and also allows you to outsource a task that may not necessarily come naturally to you or your colleagues. But even if you use someone else to do your content creation, it's still absolutely essential that you're involved in the process. 
Blog / 30.04.2018

By Belinda

We recently had to submit some professional images of us and we realised that we last had photos taken around five years ago! Lots has changed since then. One of us has started running Ultra marathons (not me). The other one has changed her hair colour (me). We've gained new clients, learned some lessons and grown both as a business and as people. So we wanted some new photos to reflect the new us.
Blog / 01.11.2017

By CatherineWhat are some of the best client gift ideas? At Black Mountain, we tend to overthink things in this department - probably because we both love nice things, a lot!  To me, there's a clear formula for the perfect client gift that involves price (not too expensive but not cheap either), usefulness (desk ornaments are great but will they simply clutter their desk?) and aesthetic appeal (they definitely have to be beautiful to look at). Then there's the added x-factor that they need to be original enough to stand out from the rest of the gifts your clients receive, and they need to be easy to order (online please) and deliver.
Blog / 13.09.2017

By BelindaGrowing up I never saw myself being an entrepreneur one day. In my mind, entrepreneurs were gutsy, charming risk takers - the kind of people who could sell ice to an eskimo, and do it with a twinkle in their eye. No, that wasn't for me. I aspired to be a power-suited corporate ladder climber: diligent and hardworking (although this was possibly because I grew up in the 80s and shoulder pads were big back then;).
Blog / 01.09.2017

By CatherineIf you run your own business, you'll hopefully reach a stage when it's well established enough for you to start expanding it. Why should you expand? Because you don't want to stagnate and become uninspired with what you're doing, which is a quick way to reduce your business performance. But you also want to stay competitive in the market or industry you're in, and of course you want to keep increasing your profits! These are some of the reasons that we've experienced at Black Mountain, over the five years that we've been running.
Blog / 29.06.2017

By BelindaToday a Facebook notification popped up, "Your Memories on Facebook", dated June 28, 2012:"Tomorrow is my last day working in book publishing, after eight wonderful years. Thanks to all of those who shared it with me: it was never well paid, often absurd but always fun - you guys were awesome". I often wonder what it is about me that didn't work in a corporate space and why I never progressed much. I suppose I chopped and changed roles and companies many times, learning as I went, meeting amazing people, but there was something about my career that always made me feel stifled and frustrated. Like I was just swimming the race, never really excelling.